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Fundamental changes to the way the government supports farmers mean that subsidies for farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy will be phased out and replaced by a new scheme – the Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme. The new ELM scheme will be founded on the principle of “public money for public goods” with The Agriculture Bill providing the underpinning legislative framework. Farmers will be rewarded for actions that deliver public goods such as improved air, water and soil quality, increased biodiversity, climate change mitigation, cultural benefits, and better protection of historic environments. 

What Tests & Trials are happening in the Kent Downs?

The Kent Downs AONB unit is helping Defra design the new Environmental Land Management Scheme. We are running three Tests and Trials covering Viticulture, Accessibility, and Natural Flood Management and are inviting farmers and landowners to participate and help co-design them. The evidence and recommendations from these Tests and Trials will be submitted to Defra in 2021 and will help shape the way payments are made to farmers and landowners from 2024 onwards.