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Woodland Trust and Kent Downs: Targeting tree disease

Through The Ash Project, The Kent Downs AONB has partnered with the Woodland Trust to offer specialised packs of tree saplings, ‘tree packs’, to landowners in Kent.

The tree packs have been specially designed for the soil types across the South East and have been developed with the aim of maintaining the highest possible biodiversity across the landscape and enhancing the natural characteristics of The Downs.

Trees and woods are crucial; they give homes to wildlife, clean air and water, provide food and fuel. But they’re under threat. 60 million trees have already been taken by Dutch elm disease and 126-140 million trees in British woods are at risk of ash dieback. There are 19 pests and diseases attacking our native trees, six of which have reached epidemic levels and at least 11 more diseases are nearing our borders.

Subsidised by the Woodland Trust, the pack is designed to address the impact of ash dieback on landscape trees rather than hedgerow trees or large blocks of woodland. These are trees that might form boundaries, individual field trees or small copses.

This pack is made up of trees suited to growing on large plots of land. It includes 45 cell-grown saplings, approximately 20-60cm in height.

For £101.25, you’ll receive 15 of each tree species; along with 45 x 1.3m hardwood stakes and 45 x 1.2m tubex shelters.

Choose from 4 different mixes depending on the soil type where you are planning to plant:

  • Clay: hornbeam, oak, wild cherry
  • Sand: beech, sessile oak, rowan
  • Wet: alder, English oak, aspen
  • Chalk: beech, field maple, English oak

You can find out more and order your tree pack from the Woodland Trust;

UK sourced and grown: Every sapling that the Woodland Trust provides is UK sourced and grown to minimise the risk of importing and spreading tree pests and diseases. Seeds are collected and stored in the UK, and they are all coded and batched so that we can track each individual tree.