Piloting an Approach to Seascape Character Assessment in the Dover Strait

LUC was commissioned by Kent County Council in August 2012 to undertake a pilot Seascape Character Assessment (SCA) to inform marine spatial planning in the Dover Strait.  This is part of the wider Interreg-funded NOSTRA (Network of STRAits) programme, which is seeking to share ideas and best practice in marine spatial planning as applied to strait seascapes across Europe.  The Dover pilot seeks to demonstrate how an assessment of the seascape covering the marine, intertidal and coastal zones can provide an evidence base to contribute to sound marine planning and management.  This study follows the principles of the European Landscape Convention (ELC), which confirms the importance of ‘seascape’.   The pilot work undertaken in the Dover Strait particularly sought to explore how the outputs of a Seascape Character Assessment could contribute towards the delivery of the ELC.  Most of the European authorities in the NOSTRA project are signatories of the Convention – and as such are commonly working towards the same set of principles with regard to ‘landscape’ and ‘seascape’. You can download a copy here - Piloting_an_Approach_to_Seascape_Character_Assessment_in_the_Dover_Strait.pdf.