Final Draft Management Plan 2014 - 19

The  review of the Management Plan for the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)  sets out the vision of the future of this special landscape, seeks to address key issues and threats and sets out aims, objectives and policies for the positive management of the Kent Downs for the next 20 years. The review has now reached Stage 4:

Stage 4 : Confirmation and adoption – Finalise management plan and take through formal adoption stage at each local authority, publication and deposit with Secretary of State by April 2014 (as set by the statutory timetable).

The Local Authorities are currently following their adoption processes to ensure that the final adoption  by all of them is achieved in time for the Management Plan to be deposited with the Secretary of State by 1st April 2014.

The background documents produced during the consultation can be seen here:

The_Kent_Downs_AONB-Management_Plan_- text version 2014 - 2019




Habitats Regulation Report

There are two spreadsheets; NLSE and LSE or with comments. The first worksheet, NLSE, lists the policies which have been recorded as having No Likely Significant Effect on the N2000 sites within 15km of the Kent Downs AONB. The second worksheet, LSE or with comments, lists the policies which have been identified as either having a Likely Significant Effect on the N2000 sites within 15km of the Kent Downs AONB or there are comments about the policy and its potential effects on the identified sites. In this case these are all comments.