Farm Diversification Toolkit

The Kent Downs AONB Unit piloted a project to help farmers, landowners and rural businesses who were seeking to make a change to their land management or business. Following on from this a need was identified for a reference guide and DIY toolkit to help farmers take a balanced and integrated approach to making changes on their farm. Covering business, financial, heritage, environmental and planning issues the Toolkit offers anyone a first step introduction and web based ‘source book’.

It is recommended for farmers, consultants, land agents, planners and decision makers as a handy companion guide to taking a fully integrated approach to development in the countryside. The recently revised toolkit provides:

• A step by step method of assessing farm assets and opportunities
• Links into support for new diversification ideas
• Help through the planning process
• Advice on where to access grants
• Help to find solutions that are environmentally sound, financially viable and well thought out in planning terms
• Help to produce your own ‘ Whole farm profile ’, ‘ Whole Farm Development Plan ’ and ‘ Action Plan ’

You can download a copy of the Farm Diversification Toolkit here







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