Whinless Down

A steeply sloping area of ancient chalk downland on the edge of Dover offering dramatic views over the town, channel and the local countryside. A wide range of chalk grassland flowers, such as rock rose and milkwort can be found, which in turn encourages a wide range of insects such as the blue butterflies. The rare cypress spurge grows in abundance here as does dyers greenweed and squinancywort. You will also find the rare silver spotted skipper butterfly and many rare moth species. There is a tree trail leading from the car park where a wild arboretum of all our native trees and shrubs have been planted.

Whinless Down

  • Telephone: 01304 241806
  • Opening times: Open all year
  • Travel information: Nearest bus: Elms Vale Road, Dover Nearest train: Dover Priory Access north of Elms Vale Recreation Ground, Dover
  • Website: www.whitecliffscountryside.org.uk