Toys Hill

Visit Toys Hill on the highest point on the Green Sand Ridge in Kent and view the four counties of Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey. Toys Hill is more than 200 acres (81 hectares) of woodland and a marvellous place to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing walk, admire fine views over the Weald and to discover the wildlife it supports. For hundreds of years it was a vital part of the local economy. Charcoal-burners, swineherds, gravediggers, cowherds and villagers, who gathered firewood and grazed their livestock here, depended on its resources. Charcoal pits can still be seen as you head north on the way-marked Orange Route. Many of the paths and tracks that criss-cross the hill date from the days when carts, drawn by horse or traction engine, were used to carry gravel or leaf-mould from the woods.

Brasted Chart
TN16 1QG

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  • Access: About 1 mile to the west along the Greensand Way footpath (starting at Ide Hill) Car park in Chart Lane at Toys Hill.