Polhill Bank Nature Reserve

Kent Wildlife Trust site. Many common chalk grassland flowers can be found on the reserve including man, bee and pyramidal orchid on the more open chalk grassland with fly orchid and white helleborine in the more shaded woodland edges. One of the more unusual plants here is common dodder which can be found in great abundance in some years, growing as a parasite on rock-rose. The mosaic of grassland and scrub makes the reserve a good place to see a wide variety of insects, including many species of butterfly. Of particular note here are the grizzled and dingy skippers, to be seen on the wing in May and the dark green fritillary which flies in June and July. The rufous grasshopper with its distinctive clubbed antennae can also be found here. The scrub also provides a valuable habitat for many birds including blackcap, willow warbler and yellowhammer, all of which are a common sight during the summer months.

TN14 7SP

  • Telephone: 01622 662012
  • Email: info@kentwildlife.org.uk
  • Website: www.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk
  • Access: 2 miles west of Otford near Sevenoaks on the western side of the Darenth Valley.