One Tree Hill

Enjoy a picnic with a view over miles of the Weald of Kent from One Tree Hill. Held principally for landscape reasons, it is also owned and managed for its nature conservation and public recreation value. The woodland has a series of paths, which are highly valued by both walkers and horse-riders. This property, enjoyed mostly by local people and dog walkers, is a tranquil site with a network of paths, including the Greensand way, a long distance footpath between Reigate in Surrey and Maidstone in Kent. At the highest point of the property is an open area with a good view to the south over the Weald of Kent. Among the plants and animals supported by the diverse habitats within the property are several unusual molluscs, including Rolfs door snail, a point snail (Acicula fusca), and a large slug (Tandonia rustica) for which this was the first recorded locality in Britain.

Carters Hill