Folkestone Downs

The steep slopes of Folkestone Downs offer dramatic views of the town and across the English Channel to France. They are internationally important for their wildlife rich, grazed chalk grassland, with over 30 species of butterfly breeding. The best time to visit is in the spring and summer (April-August), when you will see cowslips, wild thyme and orchids such as common spotted, fragrant and bee, while butterflies such as adonis blue and meadow brown abound Holywell, while being unusual in containing several small springs, stream and ponds and being a rare calcareous wetland contains plants such as opposite-leaved golden saxifrage and yellow flag iris.

Follestone Downs
Close to Castle Hill Road
CT19 4AJ

  • Telephone: 01304  241806
  • Opening times: Open all year
  • Travel information: Nearest bus: Canterbury Road, near Crete Road West, Folkestone. It is about a one milewalk from Folkestone West Railway Station (allow half an hour).By road: To the north of Folkestone - Castle Hill. Best reached on foot from Folkestone as country lanes behind Downs are narrow.
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