Burham Downs Nature Reserve

Kent Wildlife Trust site.The reserve is in two parts: the south-eastern section is dominated by woodland and scrub and the northern section is also predominantly woodland with some recently cleared areas. Woodland and scrub areas have a wide variety of tree and shrub species typical of the chalk soil. This provides an important habitat for dormice and breeding birds including nightingale and hobby. Woodland glades and edges have important populations of lady and fly orchid. Open grassland areas are important for their chalk grassland flora including man and pyramidal orchid, dropwort and thyme. Butterflies include chalkhill blue, brown argus and silver-spotted skipper; the latter was re-introduced to the site in 1998. The down provides wonderful views over the Weald of Kent.

Common Road
Blue Bell Hill

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  • Email: info@kentwildlife.org.uk
  • Website: www.kentwildlifetrustorg.uk
  • Travel by road: West of the A229 (Maidstone to Chatham Road) adjoining the  picnic site on Common Road, Blue Bell Hill.