Your Place in the Landscape

Where you live is unique.  Its landscape, its origins and what makes it special (a ‘character area’) have been studied and compared to other parts of Kent and to neighbouring areas of the Kent Downs.

What do you know about your landscape? Information and guidance to land owners and managers have been developed for each of the 13 Landscape Character Areas (LCA) in the Kent Downs AONB with the aim of retaining and enhancing their unique features. 

To begin, find your LCA in the Landscape_Area_Map and   take  note of it’s:

  • Objectives
  • Key Characteristics (Summary)
  • Landscape Character
  • Design Guidelines (for the LCA or for Local Character Areas where relevant).

Not sure where to find your LCA?

The Kent Landscape Assessment gives more detailed maps, background information, written assessments and guidance for all the LCA in Kent including the Kent Downs.

The LCA guidance should be read in conjunction with the complete Kent Downs AONB Landscape Design Handbook and the AONB-wide design principles in Chapter 2 therein.  This also gives detailed guidance on the use, design and specification of materials and structures mentioned in other sections of the Handbook.

If you are planning farm diversification or landscape change, the Farm Diversification Toolkit provides you with a DIY assessment tool for your plans.  Covering business, financial, heritage, environmental and planning issues the Toolkit takes a balanced and integrated approach to making changes. 

Other sources of information on your landscape and its features

The Natural England Landscape Character Areas have descriptions of the landscapes of the region, showing their historic origins and how they are changing.

Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) can be used alongside Landscape Character assessments to give further understanding of how landscapes have developed through time.  HLC maps for Kent are available on the Kent Lifescapes Information System (KLIS) website in the ‘map folders’ area of the ‘map’ tab.