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Maps and Datasets

Interactive maps and background information can help you know a lot more about where you live and its special features.  There are a number of maps and datasets available online with a wide range of easy to access information. Kent is fortunate in having the Kent Lifescapes Information System (KLIS) which has detailed information on Kent's landscape and biodiversity.  KLIS contains map based information on public access, landscape, habitats, physical and historic environment, designated areas and agri-environment schemes, and identifies opportunities for habitat creation and landscape restoration. 

The Defra web-based interactive map service MAGIC brings together environmental information from a wide range of government sources. You can select any of nine different map topics to view, or design your own from the list of layers available. You can also search for datasets across a wide range of topics and from a wide range of sources. 

The Natural England website Nature on the Map provides information on England's National and Local Nature Reserves, areas under agri-environment schemes, protected sites such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and Biodiversity Action Plan habitats.

For specific information on soils, the Soilscapes website has a summary of the broad regional differences in soil landscapes that you can access by zooming in on a map.