Management Plan

In a landscape as important as the Kent Downs it is important to plan for the future.The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 has required each AONB partnership to prepare and review a management plan. The first Kent Downs AONB management plan was published in April 2004, and revised in 2009 and 2014. The management plan sets in place clear aims, policies and actions for the conservation management and enhancement of the AONB for a five year period and sets a longer term vision.

The Kent_Downs_Management_Plan is the result of a long and detailed consultation process and has been formally adopted by each of the Local Authorities who have the AONB in their area.The ultimate goal of the Management Plan is to ensure that the natural beauty and special character of the landscape and vitality of the communities are recognised, maintained and strengthened well into the future; in the words of our Chairman, Chris Reynolds, ‘this is a task for everyone to embrace’.

To help realise the ambitions of the Management Plan an action plan has been developed. The AONB Unit has been active to involve a wide number of partners in developing the plan, the idea being that the plan is more widely ‘owned’ and therefore its delivery should be shared to a greater extent. The Action Plan sets clear priorities with targets and indicators, how actions might be funded, which organisation will lead and how progress will be measured. The action plan also takes a more collaborative approach, seeking to work even more closely with partner organisations where this is the best way to achieve the objectives of the plan.

The Kent Downs AONB management plan is available as a series of pdfs.

We always welcome your comments and views on the management plan and action plan please contact us.

You can download the Management Plan from this page by right clicking on the links below and selecting "Save Target As...". You will need Acrobat Reader to view these

1. The Kent Downs AONB

2. The Management of the Kent Downs AONB

3. Sustainable development

4. Landform and landscape character

5. Biodiversity

6. Farmed landscape

7. Woodland and trees

8. Historic and cultural heritage

9. The heritage coasts

10. Geology and natural resources

11. Vibrant communities

12. Access, enjoyment and understanding

13. Implementation, monitoring and review

Background to the Kent Downs AONB Management Plan  Revision

Consultation and Participation
The management plan was subject to detailed consultation and participation. This was important to be sure we reflect the priorities of local people as well as organisations.

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal
It is important to check our vision aims and policies against environmental and sustainability criteria. The management plan has had a detailed Strategic Environmental Assessment, a Sustainability Appraisal and these have been brought together in an Environment Report, please click here to see the Environmental Report. and the Appendices.

Habitats Regulation Report

There are two spreadsheets; NLSE and LSE or with comments. The first worksheet, NLSE, lists the policies which have been recorded as having No Likely Significant Effect on the N2000 sites within 15km of the Kent Downs AONB. The second worksheet, LSE or with comments, lists the policies which have been identified as either having a Likely Significant Effect on the N2000 sites within 15km of the Kent Downs AONB or there are comments about the policy and its potential effects on the identified sites. In this case these are all comments



Further Information

 Useful Link to 2004 -2009 and 2009 - 2014 Management Plans