Land Managers Pack

Whether you own a garden, a small piece of land or a farm, this pack will help you to understand the conservation value of your land as well as providing practical guidance on its management and enhancement. The information can be accessed and downloaded for free, and there are links to other websites with useful information. 

Getting started: Your Place in the Landscape of the Kent Downs

The Kent Downs is a nationally important landscape, valued for its dramatic south-facing scarp, ancient woodlands, secluded dry valleys, its network of narrow lanes and its isolated farms and churches.  The characteristics and patterns of the Kent Downs take into account subjective and qualitative aspects, as well as physical, cultural and historical features and interests.  Get to know these characteristics, which determine the nature of where you live and what is most appropriate in the landscape of your part of the Kent Downs, start here

The more you know about your land the better.  Interactive maps and datasets can tell you more about the area where you live – everything from soils to rights of way.  

Habitat Management and Species Conservation

Do you know what habitats you have?  Go to the section with information and guidance on managing the habitats on your land.  There is information on nine habitat types in the Kent Downs. 

Do you know what species are found where you live?  Go to the section with information on important species in your area.   Some of Kent’s priority biodiversity action species such as water vole, great crested newt and skylark are found in the Kent Downs. 

Finding out more

Concerned you may not be up to speed with nitrate vulnerable zones, waste regulations, cross-compliance etc and how they may affect your holding?  Check it out in the Rules and Regulations section. 

Further help and advice is always useful, as well as sources of grant aid.   See the Contacts_and_Funding section for more information and who to get in touch with.