Biomass - AONB friendly fuel of the future

Woodfuel from the Kent Downs

Using woodfuel is an environmentally alternative to using fossil fuels, produces far less carbon and as a result is much kinder to the environment.   It has been public knowledge for many years that fossil fuels will not last forever and the uptake of wood fuelled stoves in recent years clearly demonstrates public acknowledgement of this fact.

Thinking of using Biomass?

The use of woodfueled fire is a wise move – not only is the wood sustainable but it also requires a skilled workforce in order to produce it.  But whats in it for you?

  • Fewer emissions – carbon is bad for our health, there are more toxins in carbon than cigarettes – biomass contains a fraction of these carbons for pretty much the same heat output.
  • If you live off the main gas grid you will make the biggest savings.Replacing expensive fossil fuels such as oil and coal as your main forms of heating will offset the biggest savings.
  • Biomass supports the local economy and can be entirely produced in the UK on an indefinite basis.
  • Less carbon footprint if sourced locally.
  • Better woodland management – in 2012, 50% of AONB woodland was poorly managed.
  • Competitively priced against mains gas and significantly cheaper than electricity, heating oil and LPG.
  • Modern biomass heating systems are clean, efficient and reliable.
  • Creates opportunities for farm and rural diversification
  • Enhances animal, insect and plant habitat

Biomass opportunities for woodland owners

Maintaining woodland in a positive way is essential for natural balance for both animals and the AONB landscape. 

There are lots of areas for support and the opportunity to apply for grants. The Governments Renewable Heat Incentive programme (RHI) can provide some tax advantages payable over 20 years and the Woodland Infrastructure Grant  is designed for improved access to woodland to enable timber to be transported.

The Kent Downs AONB has enough wood to heat around 5,000 average homes all of which is harvested sustainably without any adverse environmental affect.  In fact the increasing use of Biomass fuel is encouraging better woodland management and as a result is conserving and enhancing the AONB.



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