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Putting Wood to Work

Event Date: 21 February 2018

Event Category: Workshop

Learn some about some of the traditional uses of ash wood in this one day green woodworking workshop at Hadlow College

Using the materials we cut on the coppicing day we will learn how to make green wood-working items using traditional wooden lathes demonstrated and assisted by skilled practitioners in the Hadlow college workshops. Learn how Hadlow College are equipping students for a future career in the countryside sector. Lead by experienced staff at the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Children age of 7 and up are welcome but the event will involve extensive use of bladed tools and so close supervision is necessary. There will be some activities suitable for children aged 7 and up.

Ash Workshops

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This workshop delivered in partnership with the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Event Information


21 February 2018




Hadlow College, Tonbridge

Meeting Place

Hadlow College, Tonbridge Rd, Hadlow, Tonbridge TN11 0AL


The Ash Project

Organiser Contact Details

Madeleine Hodge
Project Manager
Tel: 01303 815170