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Landscape Change and a Future for Trees

Date of Event: 3 November 2017

Event Category: Workshop

Talk with Ackroyd and Harvey (Artists commissioned for The Ash Project) and David Carey (Tree Wardens of Kent) and Madeleine Hodge (Project Manager of The Ash Project).

Ash dieback is having a profound impact on ash trees, woodlands and the wider landscape. Whilst much is now understood about the fungus responsible for the disease managing the trees through this crisis and the impacts on landscapes, biodiversity and our health remains poorly understood. The talk will take in the impacts that this and other tree threats will have on the future of our landscapes and how we might mark and celebrate ash in light of this epidemic trees before it is too late. The talk will be followed by a mapping session of notable ash trees in Kent and discussion of how we might memorialise this important tree. If you are able to bring some cake to share, please do!

Part of Diane Dever and the Decorators programme in the Folkestone Triennial, taking place in the Urban Room, Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1QH (Parking is available on the Arm)