Woodland at Mersham Hatch
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Living Landscapes Initiative

Project Period : January 2005 – March 2007

Total funding generated for Kent Countryside: £997,992

Funding from : European Regional Development Fund, Interreg 3A Programme

Project Partners : Kent Downs AONB Unit, White Cliffs Countryside Project, Kentish Stour Countryside Project, Parc

Naturel Régional des Caps et Marais d’Opale, Office National des Forêts.

Project History: Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Parc Naturel Regional des Caps et Marais d’Opale have been working in partnership since 1997. Both face similar challenges to landscape management but operate in different legal and political contexts. With funding from INTERREG, and in partnership with the Kentish Stour and White Cliffs Countryside Management Projects and the Office National des Forets, a successful shared approach across the Transmanche region was developed to conserve and enhance two protected landscapes with similar cultural and landscape heritages. This project aimed to deepen and strengthen strategic work started in earlier Interreg projects, and introduces new areas of exchange and co-operation.

Project Outputs : The project addressed built heritage protection largely through Village Design Statement promotion, landscape conservation schemes including the production of a Kent Downs AONB Landscape Design Guide, Access and Education, and Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation including the production of research documents on European protected landscapes and Village Design Statement Effectiveness.

Further Information

Publications Produced:

Village Design Statements: Do They Make a Difference? An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Village Design Statements in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 1998-2005. By Catherine Hughes and Danny Chesterman for the Kent Downs AONB Unit. November 2005.

Looking Outwards: Fresh Ideas and Good Practice in Europe’s Countryside. Europarc Consulting. March 2006.

For more information on Kent Downs AONB European Projects please contact Catherine Brady at the Kent Downs AONB