What is an eco-corridor? It’s where plant life and other landscape features (ponds, rivers and meadows) connect to create a corridor that allows wildlife to live, thrive and move through it. Through an eco-corridor animals and plants can move in an easier and safer way. Eco-corridors allow continuous ecological connectivity especially through urban areas or large cultivated areas and are important for biodiversity. The objective of the Landscape and Nature for All project was to develop this ecological network in the cross border region and to improve biodiversity through enhanced landscape management. Approaches to eco-corridor management in England and France are very different. In France it appears to be government backed organisations which identify potential eco-corridors through the blue and green grid system. In England, local authorities and non-governmental organisations identify blue and green grid systems to influence local development plans. There remains a lot of work to be carried out in this area, especially for the exchange of approaches and experiences.

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