Lullingstone and the Darent Valley
Cliffs between St Margarets and Kingsdown
Devil's Kneading Trough

Dramatic Landscape and Views

The Kent Downs’ dramatic and diverse topography is based on well-defined and contrasting geological features. These features comprise: impressive south-facing scarps of chalk and greensand; scalloped and hidden dry valleys; expansive open plateaux; broad, steep-sided river valleys, and dramatic white cliffs and foreshore. Breathtaking, long-distance panoramas are offered across open countryside, estuaries, towns and the sea from the scarp, cliffs and plateaux; the dip slope dry valleys and river valleys provide more intimate and enclosed vistas. Overlying this landform are diverse natural and man-made features creating distinctiveness at a local level. Key landscape features in some areas have been lost or eroded through lack of support mechanisms, through intensive land management, development or neglect. Illegal or antisocial activities, such as fly tipping, have led to further erosion of landscape beauty in key places.