Stelling Minnis

Perched high on the Kent Downs plateau and close to the old Roman Road of Stone Street sits the ancient common of Stelling Minnis - a stunning area of extensive common land that largely escaped the fate of enclosure. Explore this area, enjoy the wildlife, picnic under the trees, visit the windmill and refresh yourself at the pub or village shop. Look out for a sight not witnessed on the common for several decades ! Cattle have been introduced onto the common again in order to graze an area of the common noted for its important plantlife and so restore the tradition of regular grazing on the common. Grazing will help to maintain the unique range of plants such as heather, harebell and western gorse that still survive on the common. Unlike mechanical mowing, grazing with breeds such as Highland Cattle has the advantage of removing the coarse and less desirable plant species and at the same time allowing a mosaic of short and tall grass areas.

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