Farmers Markets

Farmers' Markets in and around the AONB offer local food in abundance. The stallholders can tell you where and how the products they sell were farmed or processed. By shopping there, you're helping to maintain the viability of local farmers, and so supporting the continued management of our countryside, in particular special features in the Kent Downs such as chalk grassland which relies on a grazing regime in order to keep it species rich. By shopping at Farmers Market you can reduce food miles too. And Farmers' Markets are fun, offering opportunities to meet up with friends. 

What you can see

Competitively priced fresh produce and products you'll never seein the supermarkets. It's not just fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. You'll find bread, cheese, cakes, jams and chutneys - even healthy ready meals. Many markets offer garden plants and gifts too.

For a list of Farmers Markets see http://www.kfma.org.uk