Denge Wood

A large woodland complex situated on high ground dissected by several dry valleys. The Forestry Commission own the majority of the woodland but the Woodland Trust also own a substantial portion with the remainder being privately owned. Much of the original plateau woodland was converted to sweet chestnut coppice and conifer woodland but large areas of native woodland are present and recently a great deal of management work has taking place to improve the woods for wildlife. You can explore Denge Woods by following one of the Kentish Stour Countryside Project’s Train Rides To Ramble Routes ‘Organic Farming & the Ancient Woodland of Denge’ from Chartham Railway Station. The walk is 7 miles and also passes through Perry Court Organic Farm. The route has some great views from the edge of the wood and in the spring many of the woodland plants associated with ancient woodland can be seen, whilst bewitching twisted hornbeams are there all year round. You can purchase a copy of the walk from Kent County Council. Alternatively you can just park at one of the car parks and take a walk along any of the paths to enjoy the veteran trees, the woodland boundary trees and the wildlife and woodland plants that thrive there.

Another part of the wood is a nature reserve managed by the Kent Wildlife Trust, known as Bonsai Bank, due to the unsuccessful crop of stunted conifers growing there. The reserve has many wildlflowers and butterflies, including the rare Duke of Burgundy fritillary.

Denge Wood

Useful Information

Open all year - Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust have open access but please keep to paths. In the privately owned areas keep to the public rights of way.

Facilities - Interpretation Boards at car parks at both ends of Penny Pot Lane

Location -Car parks at either end of Penny Pot Lane and along the lane between Crundale and Chartham.
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