Chalk and Channel Way

The Chalk and Channel Way is a walking and cycling route along the top of the White Cliffs of Dover, linking the harbours of Dover and Folkestone. It is part of the National Route 2 of the National Cycle Network.Along the route artists have created unique and memorable landmarks designed to reflect the aspects of the passing landscape, providing stopping and resting places and encouraging people on their journeys.

Samphire Hoe – a 30 foot tower that reflects the historic past of the Kent Downs landscape and the man made environment of Samphire Hoe.

Coccoliths – nestled into the hillside overlooking Folkestone, a collection of giant concrete forms inspired by the structure of microscopic skeletons that form the chalk of the white cliffs.
Flora Calcarea – takes its name from a fossilised floral encyclopaedia with ‘bronze pages’ blown along the route to become waymarkers. The pieces are shaped as books, discs and seats and have a sketch of a local flower and its pollen grain.

On the Crest of a Wave – these Portland stone blocks are white like the cliffs and support the figure of a swimmer – one leaving the harbour and the other returning, mirroring the journeys we all make.
The Abbots Cliff Mirror – a forerunner of radar, acoustic mirrors were built between 1916 and 1930. They were intended to provide early warning of incoming enemy aircraft and could track the sound of incoming aircraft from between 8 and 15 miles away, depending on the weather conditions.

A series of poems have been written for particular locations along the route. They refer to locations along the route, linked to the land, the flora and fauna or the history of the area. You can hear Ros Barber recite the poetry at each location by dialling 0870 6260010 and following the instructions.


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Opening Times - Open all year


• refreshment kiosk at Samphire Hoe open at weekends and most days in the summer
• Public toilets at Samphire Hoe

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